20 de setembro de 2020
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Vídeo: pessoas jogam bola com a 'cabeça de Bolsonaro' no Brasil

Empresa fez vídeo onde pessoas jogam bola com cabeças de presidentes

Eles anunciaram a publicação de um vídeo jogando bola com a cabeça de Bolsonaro. A A produção é empresa Gorila Company, que pertence a Marcello Tamaro e Pedro Millas. Os criadores já fizeram produção semelhante com a cabeça de outros presidentes.  


According to Trump’s doctor his health is “astonishing,” which means he should be in decent enough to shape to enjoy a little football, as long as everybody stands for the flag, of course. There is irony in the fact that America’s cartoon dictator finally gets to visit his wall and see what those in Mexico think of it from such an intensely close perspective. It makes for a decent ball stop, although doubtful it slows migration near as much as his belligerent, white supremacy. If America is so much greater during his tenure, how come people don’t seem as enthusiastic about coming over? Based on the athleticism displayed here, it certainly isn’t the wall. Football, with its emphasis on teamwork and collective sacrifice, has always crossed borders with ease, but so have different kinds of ideology. Nationalism is a plague too, and at its outset, it was just as hard to predict its effect on our culture and politics. It spread quietly on the Internet, which means no one was watching to ensure fair play. And now, America is learning the hard way how fragile democracy can be. Freedom Kick is an appeal to the American sense of justice as a match between two opposing teams. The rules are meant to protect us from cheaters. We believe it is time to reset the game, before we have to spend another four years watching a cheeseburger-scarfing, bloviating mess hobble up and down the pitch spreading hate. The game should be beautiful, if nothing else. After all, football is a game of love. Let’s hold our heads of state accountable. Or else they will hold us accountable for our apathy. INDECLINE x @eugeniomerinoestudio

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Just open up any seventies Playgirl and you can see exactly the fantasy of what masculinity is that Putin embodies so succinctly: A pudgy, square, balding, Russian-bootleg impression of a Martin Scorsese character. It would be a funny parody, except he is actually dangerous. For the Putin installation of our project, we declined going to Russia out of concern for the real consequences that would have been faced by local activists. Russia is an example of the despot at full power, and people disappear without explanation or are poisoned with impunity. He might look like a knock-off, but he is the real deal. This is the future that both the United States and Brazil are facing down, and behind the romance novel covers of a shirtless and stoic man casually riding horses is a trained spy without any moral reservations about applying his KBG training at the national level. It’s important during a contest to have an understanding of what the stakes are, and no character better embodies it than Putin. We should take advantage of the rules, while they still exist. We should play as if our life depends on it, because once the rules are gone, it does. The events of 2020, more than any time in history, have revealed the deep cracks running through the dual influences of capitalism and globalization. The system might not survive the pressure, and we all still have an opportunity to decide what replaces it. Get out and vote. It won’t solve your problems—that takes more concrete and sustained forms of activism, but it is a way of proving you still exist to the powers that would like to silence critical voices by removing them. Remember, it can get worse. Now take your Freedom Kick and drop it in the corner of the net while the referees are still around to hold them accountable. INDECLINE x @eugeniomerinoestudio

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